LED-X-ray Film viewer mobiled S / mobiled L

Product Mobiled S Mobiled L
LED – Spotlight risk class 0 0
Uniformity factor g > 0,7 g > 0,65
Maximum case temperature < 37 °C < 37 °C
Maximum luminous surfaces temperature < 35 °C < 35 °C
Cooling of the LED 2xFans – temperature controlled 4xFans – temperature controlled
Total power consumption Max. 150W Max. 300W
Operating voltage of the lamp 110-230V / 50Hz 110-230V / 50Hz
Weight 2,75 Kg 4,8 Kg
Maximum brightness 300000cd/m² 250000cd/m²
Dimensions of the luminous area 228mm x 84mm 450mm x 84mm
Dimensions L=276mm, H=112mm, W=170mm L=530mm, H=112mm, W=170mm
Start time for 100% power immediately immediately
Reclosing time in the hot condition immediately immediately
Housing protection class IP44 IP44
Securing Finely assurance 6x20mm 2×0,5A Finely assurance 6x20mm 2×1,6A
Special price until 31.12.2020 (price exclusive of VAT) 1699€ 1399€ 2975€ 2399€