In 2016, 3.16 billion consignments were sent. The continuously increasing number of online orders is expected to lead to further rapid growth. The McKinsey company estimates that the number of deliveries will increase to up to five billion per year by 2025.

In the month of December alone, for example, more than 10 million parcels are shipped on a single day. Many end consumers consider the shipping costs for up to three delivery attempts by parcel services to be too expensive. This price pressure leads to subcontractor contracts being favoured. Numerous newspaper and television reports have made the often associated grievances clear.

But what do you expect from a parcel service provider? Speed, reliability, friendliness, quality? What is most important to someone? The market is competitive and in light of the above developments, we have decided to change our parcel service and choose UPS.

UPS operates worldwide with more than 454,000 employees serving 10.5 million customers. The company’s focus is on business development, employee health and safety, and environmental responsibility. In Hamburg and Munich, for example, load bicycles with and without electric assistance as well as former diesel vehicles converted to electric vehicles are in use.